About Us

At Bagshot Community Pre-School we aim to provide your child with a happy, caring and

stimulating environment;

  • The Parent Committee runs the Pre-School in consultation with the Pre-School Managers.

  • We are a registered charity and are also affiliated to the
    Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA).

  • Parents own the Pre-School and, via the parent committee, set the fees and salaries, and fundraise.

  • We encourage and value parental involvement in all aspects of Pre-School life.

  • We promote equal opportunities and welcome all children whatever their abilities, ethnicity, religious beliefs or nationality.

  • We actively accept children with special educational needs or learning difficulties.

  • We encourage staff to undertake training to support children’s learning and development.

  • The years from birth to five see the greatest growth and learning for all children. We are committed to ensuring all children achieve the following:

    • Good health

    • To be happy

    • To feel safe

    • To be successful